Terms of the Agreement

Important instructions: 

  • These instructions are based on the standards for such races, all participants should understand and abide by them: 
  • The completion of the registration form on the Marathon official website assures the acceptance of the participant to respect all therelated regulations made by the organizer, as well as, the regulations of the International Athletic Association Federation and Saudi Athletics Federation
  •  All of the contributing organizations are applying the required precautions to guarantee the participants’ safety.
  •  The participation in all of the Marathon’s courses is on the participants’ responsibility and by their complete free will. The contributing organizations either the regulators or the sponsors are not responsible for any injuries, problems, health issues or death cases resulting from the race either during or after it -God forbid-
  • The participant should be in good health and take the full responsibility for it. He should consult a doctor and do all the tests required to be certain of his medical condition that allows him to participate and these tests are the participant’s responsibility which should be done only one day before the Marathon.
  • The organizers has the right to cancel all, or some of, the race courses or to remove any of the participants without a notice and they will try to inform the participants before the race by any convenient way. However, organizers will not suffer any financial or legal consequences for that.
  • The participant commits to give correct, specific, recent and complete information about himself.
  •  Handing out the registration form at the registering center(s) is the participant’s responsibility. He should officially sign and fingerprint it to receive his number which he should preserve to wear because the participants who do not show their numbers will be directly removed by the organizers and no points would be counted. Also, they do not have the right to complain.
  • The organizers have the right to adjust some or all of the race courses according to the situation with taking into consideration the participants’ safety. Also, they will not be responsible for any loss or inconvenience resulted from these changes.
  •  All the Marathon courses will be ended gradually when the time of each race is over, where the participants should get out of the courses directly if they were asked to do so by the organizers, the official medical team members, the race manager, or the judges.
  • The organizers have the right to use any photographs or videos, including the participants’ photos, to publish either on the official website or on social media websites and to use them for marketing purposes. Also, they have the right to distribute them to any institutions or persons without referring back to participants who have no right to complain or to ask for any compensation.
  • Any participant goes before the actual signal with the gun shot or the flag -depending on availability- will be excluded.
  • Participants have to be on their right course according to age and gender.
  • The participant should be 18 or older, starting from the race day, to be qualified to contribute in the professional course (21 KM.).
  • The participant should be 16 or older, starting from the race day, to be qualified to contribute in the beginners course (8 KM.).
  • The participant should be 6 or older and with their parents to contribute in the family course (4 KM.).
  • We welcome those who have disabilities (wheelchairs) in the family course (4 KM).
  • The participant should wear properly (sport t-shirt, pants and sneakers) for men and children
  • Women participating in family course (4 KM.) should wear Abaya and sport shoes.
  • Organizers will provide medals only for the participants who complete the marathon at the end of the race course.
  • None of the participants is allowed to be in more than one course.
  • ID should be brought to receive prizes.
  • The medical help provided by the organizers to any racer is not considered against the rules and participants do not have the right to complain.
  • Participants should follow the regulations and never break the race rules.
  • Any participant who gets any type of help or does not complete the race from the beginning to the end will be excluded and he does not have the right to complain during or after.

General notes:

  • Parking lots are available to racers/ organizers and visitors’ areas will be announced later.
  • The participant will be disqualified from the Marathon because of:

    • Not finishing the race course.
    • Not wearing the participation number printed clearly on the electronic badge/ or losing it before, at the beginning, during, or at the end of the race.
    • Changing the participation number.
    • Not passing over the electronic reading boards.
    • Not obeying the organizers or judges.
    • Getting any type of help during the race except for the medical help.
    • Committing any inappropriate behavior that is against religion or general manners.
    • Taking doping substances

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